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TORRAS COOLIFY Neck Air Conditioner, Semiconductor Cooling Neck Fan, Portable Neck Fan Wind up and Down, Portable Neck Fan Rechargeable 3 Speeds, Personal Neck Fan for Outdoor/Home/Office Pearl White

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[3S Cool Down 18°F] The Ku Peltier Radiator is the secret to this neck AC device. With the 0.9 x 0.9 inch Ceramic semiconductor radiator built-in, the COOLIFY neck air conditioner only needs to cool the back of your neck to refresh your entire body in seconds. The semiconductor cooling plate quickly exchanges heat energy and transmits coldness to the skin, resulting in a noticeable decrease in body temperature by 18°F in just 3 seconds!
[3D Airflow and Double Vent Design] The COOLIFY neck fan’s 3D Airflow Design features 36 air vents that offer an immersive cooling experience. The upward vents blow cool air towards your face, while the downward vents prevent discomfort from long-term wear by cooling the skin on your neck. With the patented Air Duct, a 5000 RPM High-Speed Motor, and a 41 mm Super Wearable Air Conditioner, the COOLIFY neck fan maximizes the efficiency of the cooling process.
[Designed for Comfort] COOLIFY bladeless neck fans is the ultimate neck fan for maximum comfort and convenience. Its bladeless design and metal honeycomb mesh ensure safety and prevent hair tangling. The soft silicone material is adjustable to fit any neck size. Weighing just 350g and operating at a whisper-quiet 31dB, COOLIFY portable neck fan is the perfect choice for staying cool and comfortable on-the-go.