PocketBook InkPad X | E-Book Reader | Large E Ink Screen 10.3ʺ E-Reader | Glare-Free & Eye-Friendly | Adjustable SMARTlight | Text-to-Speech Function | Audio Output and Bluetooth | Audiobooks

Amazon.com Price: $369.00 (as of 25/07/2023 02:19 PST- Details)

Big screen for big goals: PocketBook InkPad X features a large 10.3-inch E Ink Carta Mobius screen with a 1404 × 1872 resolution and 227 PPI. The touch screen is glare-free and eye-friendly, while its size perfectly suits any type of content: from books and magazines to professional literature and comics.
Enjoy reading in any lighting with SMARTlight: this adaptive frontlight provides users with an option to choose not only the brightness but also the color temperature of the screen. Read safely and with more comfort anytime & anywhere with an adjustable SMARTlight, choosing the warm or cool tone of the screen’s frontlight.
Listen to audiobooks with no limits: the e-reader supports 6 popular audio formats, so all your favourite audiobooks will always be on hand with your InkPad X! Just pair the e-reader with wireless headphones, speakers, and other devices via Bluetooth or connect headphones, using audio output (USB Type-C audio adapter.)